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In the Spring, we are hoping to run the event we have been planning, and delaying, for a year now.

It will be:

What the event will (Probably) look like

ALDI have kindly sponsored us buying Race Marker Buoys. This means that we can set up a variety of courses.

At the moment we are trying to design a range of courses to have something for everyone. So far we are thinking:

  1. 🏁 Technical Racing. Short M shaped courses (100m) where you race 3 laps and compete in heats
  2. 🏁 Sprints. 200m Straight Sprints. Race in heats and just go for it.
  3. 🏁 A slightly longer distance event.
  4. πŸ“ Skills competitions. Fun and funny. Spinning whilst standing on the nose etc…
  5. πŸ“ Games…….
  6. πŸ’‘ Beginner β€œTry SUP” sessions

The idea will be that you can enter all the events. The timings will not overlap. We will probably do the skills events at the end when your legs are nice and tired 😈

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