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Why we have a Safety Management System (SMS)

What is our Safety Management System (SMS)

It is where all the relevant safety related documents, procedures and knowledge are collated, taught, shared and used. It includes these documents

  1. πŸ“• SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  2. πŸ“• EAP (Emergency Action Plan)
  3. πŸ“• Risk Assessment
  4. πŸ“ Logs & Registers
  5. πŸ“• Covid Policy & Procedure
  6. Anything else that helps

πŸ“•SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

These are the procedures that are followed by all Instructors that will ensure the safety of all participants.

πŸ“•EAP (Emergency Action Plan)

This is a functional document that defines what to do in case of an emergency, and also the relevant information, that will help you in these situations.

Recent updates to the EAP’s are the use of β€œWhat 3 Words” location indicators.

πŸ“• Risk Assessment

The Risk assessment covers all identified risks and will be updated as new ones arise. The incident and learning logs are key methods for identifying unexpected risks,

πŸ“ Logs and Registers

We keep 3 Logs

  1. Incident Log
  2. Kit Log
  3. Learning Log

πŸ“• Covid Policy

This policy is a constantly evolving document. Check it regularly for updates.

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